MARNIX and ALLY is an Antwerp-based cutting edge PR & creative agency for fashion, beauty, design and lifestyle labels.
We are brand buzzers. Creators of contagious ideas and inspiring content. We are The Other Angle.



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An-Katrien founded MARNIX and ALLY in 2012, has since become a mother of two and is currently constantly covered in dust, as she’s in the midst of a complete homereno. Needless to say: life’s a bit chaotic at times, but she always manages more than fine. She's a bona fide challenge-seeker, owns way too much denim and will always find a reason to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate life.

An-Katrien Dullers

Remember that scene from Friends when Joey’s wearing all of Chandler’s clothes? That’s probably the amount of layers our PR-maven Ikram needs not to be cold. If you meet her before she had her morning coffee, there’s only one option: run/hide. This lady knows Antwerp like the back of her hand, especially the way to pricey designer shops. P.S. When she isn't writing, mailing and calling the day away, she's helping us out as handmodel!

Ikram Annouri

Claudine has been roaming the streets of Antwerp for four years now and never plans on leaving. The city life suits her; she adores living in close proximity to everything and everyone she loves. When she isn’t working her ass off at MARNIX and ALLY, she’s either busy wining, dining, citytripping or shopping. Fun fact: we know what kind of mood Claudine is in by the way she’s dressed.

Claudine Meylemans

Laura was born at the Belgian coast, bred in Brussels, currently resides in Ghent and thereby commits to a daily long distance commute to Antwerp. This Conversation Manager is very into the 70s and 80s, from her musical preference to her interior — she’s got a serious case of melancholia. Laura never ceases to explain us the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, although we'll always prefer cookies over carrots — sorry Laura!

Laura Willems

Laurence has this weird habit of buying vintage designer chairs even if they don't fit at her table anymore. She just can't help it: beautiful design makes her heart beat faster and triggers her urge to splurge. She's an avid traveler, is very into Asian food and can't survive without coffee. We’re happy to work on a regular basis with this freelancin' busy bee.

Laurence Vander Elstraeten

As Marie comes from a big family she knows how to stand her ground but is equally as empathic — important qualities when you work in PR. Marie is an expert in enjoying the little things in life; nothing beats the feeling of spending time with her two little boys. Marie’s childhood dream was to become an actress, nowadays she enjoys treating her colleagues with imitations and occasional Friday Singing Sessions. Lucky us!

Marie Heijens

Still water runs deep, which can definitely be said for the only man in our office, Pieter. This online content creator has a profound love for American culture — junk food and Taylor Swift ftw! — but also knows every architecture style and design movement by heart. He even named his labradoodle ‘Memphis’, after the postmodern design and architecture movement ‘The Memphis Group’.

Pieter Peulen

Are you a hands-on tough cookie? Do you have a love for lifestyle? Consider yourself a great communicator? Then we'd love to meet you! Don't hesitate to reach out via email or social. See you soon?





We represent each client’s product in our showroom, making it accessible to editors and stylists nationwide.

Beautiful hardwood floors, an open kitchen and lots of light make our showroom the perfect event venue. Interested in having your product launch or community get-together here? Contact us and let's see what we can do!