We’re starting 2024 with a fresh lineup of team members, say hello to Justine (on the left) and Astrid (on the right)! Justine is set to be our communication maestro, specializing in social media and content. Her infectious creativity has us thrilled about the brilliance she'll bring. Meanwhile, Astrid joins us as a powerhouse in PR, with a captivating focus on beauty and healthcare clients. With her wealth of communication expertise, Astrid is poised for success in her new role.

Girls, please introduce yourselves!

Astrid: I’m 25 and made Antwerp my home after completing my studies; I've recently moved into my dream apartment. Whether it's over coffee or a glass of wine, I cherish spending quality time with friends and family. Being a devoted dog person, I already adore the office dogs at Marnix and Ally. And count me in for a spontaneous city trip anytime!

Justine: I'm a 23-year-old maximalist thriving at my parents' home in Brasschaat, but constantly daydreaming about a move to the “big city”. My ultimate source of energy comes from being around my loved ones. Additionally, I love exploring new destinations, indulging in creative pursuits, and anything related to fashion.

What is your background in work and education?

Astrid: Armed with a degree in languages and communication, I'm passionate about fostering clear communication for trust and efficiency. I've also explored content marketing and graphic design. In the last 2,5 years, I've worked in communication and marketing, helping companies in sharing their stories.

Justine: I began my academic journey with a year studying all-round fashion styling in Amsterdam, where I discovered my passion for social media and branding. Following that, I pursued all-round creative education, and now, this role at Marnix and Ally marks my entry into the professional world.

What will you be doing at M and A?

Astrid: As a PR consultant, I'll specialize in beauty brands, enhancing my PR skills to give deserving brands the recognition they deserve.

Justine: I'll be the go-to for communication, specializing in social media and content creation. I love telling stories creatively and connecting with the audience.

What do you hope to learn or experience at M and A?

Astrid: I believe this new chapter will bring me positive energy. Being part of an ambitious and talented team is a dream come true. I'm excited to learn, grow personally, and develop professionally. With M and A's wonderful portfolio, I'm sure this journey will be interesting, enlightening, and challenging.

Justine: My goal is mainly personal and professional growth. I'm excited about enhancing my skills in PR, social media, and beyond. Collaborating with exceptionally talented individuals is a thrilling prospect, and I'm eager to absorb valuable knowledge and expertise from this outstanding team.

What are you passionate about? What do you do in your spare time?

Astrid: I have a deep love for both food and fashion. Cooking for friends and family, decorating my apartment, exploring the city, and discovering new restaurants (my list is ever-growing) bring me joy. Additionally, I love to travel and the roots of my enduring passion for wine trace back to growing up among vineyards.

Justine: My passion is fueled by creativity, and I treasure moments with friends and family while exploring new places. In my free time, you'll often find me in restaurants, traveling, and making sure not to miss a good party. These activities fuel my enthusiasm and energy for life.

What’s something we really need to know about you?

Astrid: I often believe I can make it in 10 minutes, only to find out it consistently takes 30. Additionally, I have a poodle family at home, my spirit animals, each radiating a different kind of energy that I see a bit of myself in.

Justine: Ever since I was little my grandma has been my style icon. Our shared shopping sprees and her impeccable fashion sense have greatly influenced my personal style. Our mutual passion for fashion makes her my enduring source of inspiration.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Astrid: I would describe myself as empathetic, caring. I try to understand the emotions of others in different situations, taking the time to listen and offer support whenever needed.

Justine: I characterize myself as an optimist and a positive person. I make an effort to see the bright side of things in various situations, even when confronted with challenges.

Thanks for your time and honesty, girls! Excited to get to know both of you, inside and outside our M and A headquarters!