We're delighted to welcome the newest member of the Marnix and Ally Team! Say hello to Laura, our new PR power house, specializing in fashion and lifestyle. Laura comes with a radiant smile, vibrant energy, and a wealth of expertise. With her genuine enthusiasm for forging connections, she's poised to become an invaluable part of our all-female team. Laura, welcome to the Marnix and Ally family!

Introduce yourself, who are you?

I'm Laura Cardinaels, 31 years old and Antwerp is the place I call home. After an extensive search, my partner and I finally found our unique apartment in the Antwerp neighborhood known as 'De Markgrave'. Fun fact: After buying it, we realized that I had actually lived in the same building from infancy until age 5. What are the chances?

What is your background in work and education?

I graduated in Strategic Communication from the University of Antwerp and gained experience in Public Relations in both Belgium and Spain. During the Covid pandemic, I took a course to become a Pilates Instructor, and I've been teaching one-on-one classes ever since. My dream career path is to combine my PR skills with teaching Pilates.

What is your role at M and A?

In my role as a PR consultant, I aspire to be a key player in the growth of our clients. As time progresses, I’ll be more involved in attending events and shaping strategic initiatives as well. My passion lies in creative and strategic thinking, storytelling, event coordination, brand introductions, and networking. Yet, what excites me most is the chance to tackle a range of tasks, learn from my new colleagues, and continue to grow both personally and professionally.

How did you find your way to Marnix and Ally?

During my studies, I got to know various PR agencies in Belgium, but Marnix and Ally immediately caught my eye. Their vibrant energy, values, and approach to PR stirred something within me. Trusting my intuition, I applied for a job, and now I'm thrilled that I can be part of this wonderful group of people. I really hope that I can contribute to the future growth and success stories of their (and now I can say ‘our’) brands.

What are you passionate about?

I'm really into movement, the human body, fashion, city life, and nature. When I'm free, I enjoy going for outdoor runs or doing pilates at home. Lately, I've been taking a sewing course to learn something new, so if anyone needs help with clothes alterations, I’m your person!!

Do you have a hidden talent?

I absolutely adore cooking, and I'd like to believe I'm quite good at it. The idea of blending basic ingredients and flavors to craft harmonious dishes truly captivates me. Cooking, in my view, is an art form that nourishes both the body and the soul. Plus, it's a wonderful way for me to unwind and relax from my busy schedule.

What’s your favorite season?

To be honest, I enjoy all seasons because each has its own charm. However, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be spring. It's a time when everything comes to life, blooms, and grows, filling me with joy and excitement.

Last but not least, describe yourself in five words.

Enthusiastic – active – all-round – eager to learn – friendly – intuitive – romantic. Clearly, counting isn't my strong suit ;)

Thank you for sharing, Laura!

We're excited to get to know you and watch you thrive with us!