"What if we could do something with a focus on beauty and wellbeing? And what if we could make press and influentials feel inspired, welcomed and triggered by the 'creme of the creme' - pun intended - of our beauty brands?", our CEO asked. "Then we'll just create something you don't want to miss", the team answered. And so The Salon was born, our very first beauty-focused press day. It proved to be a remarkable success, igniting passion and curiosity among guests while celebrating the true essence of (natural) beauty. A day that surpassed our expectations, leaving us in awe.

The brands

Our collaborating brands represented a delightful blend of all things beauty-related. From Belgian skincare provided by, Nomige, and CÎME, to mineral makeup by Cent Pur Cent, supplements promoting beauty from within by ba’sil and Guud, and high-quality hairstyling tools from ghd. We also introduced the newest member of the m+a family: London skincare brand Nip+Fab, adding an exciting dimension to our lineup. Each brand had its own booth to showcase products, and guests could relax in the cozy salon. In the beauty room, makeup artist Agnes Den Engelsman showcased her expertise while guests had the chance to try out the latest hair styling tools themselves.

Our enthusiastic team was on hand to provide you with all the essential details. Additionally, we were excited to have a few clients join us on-site for the first time, as nobody can narrate their brand's story better than they can.

The guests

Our beauty day wouldn't have been complete without you, our cherished guests. We welcomed a wonderful mix of beauty journalists, influencers, and friends of Marnix and Ally. Your enthusiastic turnout, despite the rain and stormy weather (and traffic jams), warmed our hearts. It was a pleasure to see your smiling faces and we hope we were able to inspire you as much as you have inspired us.

Speaking of smiling faces, all of you were captured on film by Robin Joris Dullers. Don't forget to tag him, and us, when reposting pictures!

Some words

Beauty editor — “I usually skip press days because they tend to focus too much on … well a little bit of everything actually. This concept however, is the perfect solution for beauty editors. It was really worth my time.”

Influencer — “I could stay here all day; the vibe is just amazing."

CEO — “This event shows the power of teamwork, our network and the amazing portfolio of beauty brands we’ve built. You know I’m skeptical about press days, but the warmth and gratitude expressed by everyone felt like a warm hug. Let’s do this again ;)”

Influencer — "I feel genuinely embraced by the warmth and hospitality of your team. Authenticity shines through in every aspect."

Client — “I’m impressed by the quality of the guests, they really know what they are talking about.”

Team member — “Great teamwork, it felt so good creating this together.”

Thank you

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to our beautiful brands, and to everyone who joined us, enjoying wonderful conversations, indulging in refreshing drinks from ChariTea and Lemonaid (thanks to Jet Import) and the best coffee from our client Monx.

A second edition of this event? We’ll keep you posted ;-)

Don't hesitate to reach out for more information, imagery, or collabs.

Pictures: @marnixandally @robinjorisdullers
Please tag our brands too, whenever they’re in the picture ;) Thank you!

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