WORK — The story of Timotei

Scandinavian hair care brand Timotei (re)launched in Belgium and is here to stay…

Timotei is a Scandinavian hair care brand that believes in beautiful, healthy and natural hair thanks to nature’s simple and pure ingredients. 0% silicones, parabens and colorants — no nasties, that’s how we like it!

To celebrate its (re)launch on the Belgian market, MARNIX and ALLY set out an extensive and impactful strategy to acquire a profound and far-reaching impact both on- and offline.

We combined the traditional PR approach with creative storytelling, like inviting several Timotei ambassadors on a 2-day getaway. This way, we offered the ambassadors a chance to unplug from their busy city life and enjoy the benefits of Timotei’s simple and pure ingredients in the midst of nature. Their stay in the eco cabin and use of Timotei’s products resulted in a broad social media coverage and strengthened the bond between the brand and the ambassadors. We sent a photographer to each ambassadors and two of them even got the chance to be featured in an online video ad.

Besides a large-scale social media activation — with ambassadors ánd influencers — MARNIX and ALLY also created visual content for Timotei to use on its social media channels. Inspired by the typical aesthetic of Timotei and advertisement clips from bygone times, we produced 8 setups that were all very different though still véry Timotei. A visual style guide was formed from these images, which helped the ambassadors and influencers stick to the typical Timotei aesthetic.

Full creative concept and production by MARNIX and ALLY
Photos by Dena Huys and MARNIX and ALLY

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