WORK — Creating the story of Liesbeth Diels

Does the name Liesbeth Diels ring a bell? We have worked for her and her collar brand Lilirooz in the past, and now that she’s embarking on a new journey, she is relying on us again. We are very excited about this new chapter, because here, At M and A, we love nothing better than to be a part of our clients full story.

What does this new chapter entail, you might ask? Well, from now on you can hire Liesbeth Diels as a stylist. Not for photoshoots or other glamorous things, but for you personally. The empowerment of women through building their confidence and offering them advice on how to style their wardrobe, is what drives her, and so it comes as no surprise that Liesbeth is eager to embark on this exhilarating new journey. She offers a variety of plans, so we are sure there’s one out there that fits you too!

Now we can hear you thinking ‘what role did MARNIX and ALLY play in all of this?’. Quite a big one, to be honest. We wanted to make sure that everything was right from the very beginning, and so we started by drawing up a communication and social media plan for her and her new brand. After that, we partnered up with an Antwerp based digital studio to create the perfect matching identity and website. In the meantime, the M and A team was busy creating all things written and photographed. Want to see how it all came together? Be sure to take a look at her brand new and on brand website and social media channels. We, for one, are very happy to reveal this outstanding outcome after a long and close collaboration with Liesbeth.

And oh, do you want to launch your new brand? Be sure to give us a call. ;)