Welcome, Marie-Bénédicte — a one of a kind luxury jewellery label devoted to translate personal emotions into a colourful jewel.

We are more than happy to announce the newest addition to our Marnix and Ally family: Jewellerydesign Marie-Bénédicte. The label is named after founder and designer Marie-Bénédicte, a strong and loving woman whose intuition guides her through life. This is one of the many reasons why we, at M and A, felt an instant connection with this female artist/entrepreneur, we too trust our intuition to never fail us.

Since the world is such a grey place right now - don’t get us started on these cold and rainy winter days - Marie-Bénédicte focusses on bringing more colour into people’s lives with her bright luxury accessories. In fact, she truly lives and breathes colour — pink is her personal favourite. Next to her bright and bold taste of gemstones and pearls, the unique shapes and jewels are also a true reflection of her outspoken and sensitive personality.

The brand was established in 2005, since then Marie-Bénédicte has always followed her passion and only creates unique pieces of jewellery, no two jewels are the same. Any occasion is a good reason to wear a beautiful piece, telling a story, marking a memory or embodying an emotion: an engagement ring, a 25-year wedding anniversary, a painful loss, a wonderful birth or just a gift to yourself or a loved one. Every single item is given careful thought in the creative process. And all the gold used has been repurposed.

With her 28 years of experience as an industry creative, Marie Bénédicte is the perfect person to share her expertise in design and create the perfect gem for the right person. Marnix and Ally will support her in this journey with our signature purposeful PR strategy and will help her spread the message of artful beauty and color, in order to reach those looking for a unique jewel with emotional value.

— For PR inquiries, contact jente@marnixandally.com