Go big or go home turned into #stayathome. The past month changed our mindset. It made us go back to basics, realizing that we aren’t immortal. Staying indoors made us see that happiness is in the small things. From enjoying the beauty of nature during a walk in the park to finally having the time to read that great book. We all realize that we need each other and we miss that special something called personal contact. Digital e-pero is fun for a while, but what about real eye-contact?

As you and I know time is a precious thing and we’d love to invest our time in meaningful relationships. Sticking with our standard press days-concept would be undesirable and irresponsible, so we dusted off a previous concept: we're re-introducing our press dates.

When the lockdown is over and it is deemed safe, we would like to invite you for a one-on-one appointment at our HQ. Join us for a cup of coffee and a chat about what's new and happening with our array of clients and their seasonless/FW20 collection whilst we take every measure possible to manage your safety.

Why this approach? We feel that we've been working, meeting and seeing each other too much online for the past couple of months, and we miss genuine human interaction. We'd like to create a little personal moment, with ‘social distance’ in mind. Our office will be clean as a daisy.

Now, practical?

We are sending out invites next week, so keep an eye on your inbox.

When are we dating?
We will be hosting press dates for a whole month, from 18/5 until 19/6.

For who?
For our dearest network of press and stylists.
Our influencer friends will be invited to another event!

We are thinking of you. We’d love to keep you close.



images by Inge Rylant