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Say hello to Anke & Isabel, the founders of CÎME. These two modest ladies spend their time creating natural and organic products by using superfoods from the Himalaya while still honouring the environment. Their ethical and durable skincare brand sets an example to brands all over the world when it comes to sustainability. Get to know the duo behind the colourful, qualitative and ecological CÎME products — #CIMEskincare — #honestlybeautiful

Hi Isabel & Anke, could you please introduce yourselves and tell us about your backgrounds and education?

“Hello, we are Anke & Isabel and we’ve known each other since high school. When we were both studying law in Ghent we decided that if one of us would ever start their own business, the other one would join. Back then we were young, had no plan or budget. But a few years later, when we were both working as lawyers, Anke returned from a trip to the Himalaya with an idea.”

How did you two come up with the idea to start a skincare label? Where does the name come from?

“When I was hiking in the Himalaya Mountains with my dad, I came up with the idea of CÎME. One evening, when we were sitting around a camp fire, I admitted that being a lawyer wasn't satisfying. After his studies, my dad worked in Nepal for three years on medicinal plants in the Himalayas. In his later life, he made plant extracts in bulk for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. This brought us the idea of making skincare products with the special mountain plants that grow there”, said Anke.

“When Anke returned home and told me about her idea I was immediately convinced. We decided to use these powerful ingredients to make effective products that aren't harmful to your skin or the environment. CÎME is the French word for 'peak' and refers to the mountain peak in our story”, said Isabel.

What is the goal of CÎME?

“Our goal is to produce natural and organic skin- and haircare that gives you the opportunity to make a conscious choice about the way you care for yourself, your health and our planet! We can achieve this through the superfoods from the Himalayas that we use in our products. With their intense effect they offer a natural solution for many skin problems. Our slogan is therefore #honestlybeautiful.”

How do you see the future for CÎME?

“In the future, we would like to expand our product range to be able to help our customers even more, but also to expand our market. We currently distribute our products mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. We would like to expand to other European countries too. If we can achieve this, we will also have to produce more. This will allow us to employ more people in Nepal and support our teams there.”

Tell us more about how CÎME as a brand is taking the lead in sustainability?

"This is a very important element for us. Our products are natural and organic, which means that they are made from natural ingredients that have been grown organically as much as possible. In order to limit transport, these ingredients are locally processed into butters, extracts or oils. This is better for our ecological footprint. To compensate our CO2 emissions too, we participate in the WeForest initiative, which helps rebuild the forests of the Khasi communities at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains”, said Isabel.

“The packaging of our products is also made of recyclable materials and all of our tubes and labels are made from sugar cane. The paper used for the packaging and all promotional material comes from sustainable forests and we use glass packaging whenever possible! Our newest line 'Nuts About You' is produced in 100% recycled plastic and soon we will be the first Belgian brand to launch Ocean Waste Plastic packaging too. This is plastic that has literally been fished from the oceans!”, said Anke.

“We also just launched a refill system which allows customers to refill their ‘Nuts About You’ shampoo and/or body & hand wash without having to buy a new bottle every time”, said Isabel. "We hope that through our refill system we can convince customers that recycling can be done in a fun way that's easy and accessible. We also hope that refilling and recycling will become the new norm within a few years. As a small brand, we try to help set a movement in motion that inspires bigger brands to work more ecologically. Because if we can do it, as a small brand with small budgets, then they certainly can!"

Thank you Anke & Isabel for the inspirational talk! Good luck with everything!
We are very proud to be part of such an honest brand!

Intrigued by the brand? Check out CÎME and get inspired!

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