Senior manager Nathalie De Schepper joins Club M and A

Marnix and Ally is choosing for the future. Meet our newest team member: Nathalie De Schepper. She will be joining us as Senior Communication Manager as she’ll be guiding and reinforcing team PR. Nathalie arrived with a suitcase filled with experience and she will be growing new, good brands with us. Cheers to M and A’s growing team. We’re looking forward to this new chapter and having Nathalie as a true people person at Club Manda.

Tell us more about your link with Marnix and Ally, what made you decide to join our team?

An-Katrien and I go way back! Way back to the beginning of Marnix and Ally, when I also started my PR journey at Oona. Being a first generation blogger back then, I was even an occasional guest at M and A. But far more than that I’ve always had a lot of professional respect and admiration for how M and A grew, the brands they worked for and the story angles they told.

I was looking for more purpose in my job and after working for government funded organization, Flanders DC, and corporate branding agency, SKINN, I decided to return to my first love: profound PR, telling brand stories that light my fire. An-Katrien, Katherina and I clicked right away in our vision for the future.

How are you going to contribute to our company’s growth? Which qualities will you be adding to the team?

Being a fashion school alumni that rolled into PR, my passion for fashion will always be a part of what I do. After more than 12 years in the field of lifestyle, fashion and corporate PR, plus internal and external communications, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the team where relevant and help them build profound and holistic strategies, also helping them grow on a personal level. Next to that I will support An-Katrien and Katherina in building the future strategy of M and A. I’m also following a course in coaching as we speak and I’d love to integrate these new found skills in my work with the team and clients.

What do you expect to learn/experience during this new chapter in your life?

Working with inspiring people and brands has always been my fuel. I love learning from each and everyone I meet. At M and A that will be no different. On top of that I’m looking forward to sharing what I know with the team and clients and growing my expertise further in the process. What gets me all excited is working on the new era of PR in this fast evolving world of communications, being a frontrunner in everything we do.

Who is Nathalie? What warms your heart?

I have a deep love and passion for animals. I prefer spending my extra time in nature with my dog Loba and with the people that mean the most to me. In the city I’m always up for a museum visit or just enjoying some good food and drinks. Next to that I’m all about learning new things and I have an adventurous side that rides motorcycles and loves boxing. When listening to podcasts and reading books I prefer to focus on human psychology, philosophy and mindfulness.

What’s your favorite quote/favorite book?

I’m reading ‘Women who run with the wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés as we speak, learning about female archetypes throughout history and folklore stories. This book shows and relearns us what women are fundamentally all about and is a must to reclaim that wild side in all of us, become close again to our true female nature.

A quote that I keep close to my heart: “Never take the easy road. Always bring the light.” Nothing new or no growth will come from comfort zones, but if you bring positive energy to the table in everything you do, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Thank you for sharing all this. We're excited to have you as an addition to the team.

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