NEW MEMBERS — Meet Ineke and Nadja

All good things come in two, right? We’re happy to welcome two new members to the MARNIX and ALLY team: meet Ineke Tack (she's the one with glasses) and Nadja Borstlap! A couple of talented, charming and allround lovely young women with a major interest in all things communications. We’d love you to get to know them a little better...

Hi ladies, can you please introduce yourselves and maybe start by telling us a little bit about what you do at MARNIX and ALLY?

Ineke — "My name is Ineke Tack and I’m a pr-executive at MARNIX and ALLY. I manage the relationship between our (in my case, mostly design) brands and external media partners."

Nadja — "I’m Nadja Borstlap, 23 years old and ready to rock the world as junior beauty pr- executive at MARNIX and ALLY. This means that I will help to manage the PR for different beauty labels."

Why were you drawn to work at MARNIX and ALLY in the first place?

Ineke — "MARNIX and ALLY is so much more than ‘just’ a pr agency. The variety of services, the joyful colleagues and the inspiring brands are what drew me in."

Nadja — "Same goes for me, I’ve been a fan of MARNIX and ALLY for a long time… I like the variety of labels they take under their wings. As I’m also a lover of all things beauty, fashion, design and lifestyle — so you can imagine I feel right at home!"

What do you hope that 2019 will bring for you on personal and professional level?

Ineke — "I’d like for 2019 to be the year where I can find my ground and continue to grow — both on a personal and a professional level."

Nadja — "The year has already started off right, because working at MARNIX and ALLY is like a dream come true! I hope to grow into the job and gain more knowledge and confidence as I go. On a personal level: may 2019 be full of happy vibes!"

Any hidden talents you’d like to share with us?

Ineke — "I can quote all Harry Potter films. A talent that apparently can seem annoying… Who knew?"

Nadja — "I’m not bad at graphic design and photography! I like playing with visuals, colours and fonts. I also love to sing, but I’m no Beyonce so I’ll keep this one for myself, haha!"

At MARNIX and ALLY, we’re all plant lovers — what do you think of our green friends? Any favourites?

Ineke — "I love them! I’m a huge plant lover myself and have acquired quite the collection. If I have to choose, I think my favourite would be the monstera deliciosa."

Nadja — "There’s no such thing as having too many plants! My favourites are our prickly friends: cacti! They really add something cool to your interior."

Very happy to welcome you into our office, ladies. Good luck and go kick some ass!

Follow our new colleagues via @ineke.tack and @nadjaborstlap!