We’re thrilled to welcome a brand new member to the MARNIX and ALLY team. Meet Charlie: an all-rounder with bright red locks and a background in design, fashion and HR. Fun fact: she’s currently studying to get a master’s degree in psychology. Let’s find out a little more about her, shall we?

Hi Charlie, could you please introduce yourself and maybe start by telling us a little bit about what you do at MARNIX and ALLY?

Hi! By taking care of 'all things office and team', I make sure the MARNIX and ALLY family can focus on the agency’s core business: creating and telling great stories for great brands.

Why were you drawn to work at MARNIX and ALLY in the first place?

Cosmic timing, gut feeling and an immediate click with An-Katrien.

Tell us, what are your favorite ways to spend your spare time?

Friends, family and food, preferably in the sun.

We’re an all-round pr-agency, representing fashion, beauty and design brands. Which branch do you feel represents you best?

Everything in life is design. Except life itself.

Could you describe yourself in five words?

Empathic, efficient, energetic, eloquent and ... elarious ;)

Last but not least, what’s your goal in life?

Pursue honesty, beauty and integrity.

Welcome to the team, Charlie!

Wanting to take a closer look? Unfortunately, Charlie is one of those people who doesn’t spend time on social media, so have a look at our MARNIX and ALLY page and we’ll keep you updated on her whereabouts!