Introducing Zeitschild. A new, revolutionary and genderless skincare brand that redefines skin. The unique combination of efficient and active ingredients make sure that skin health is optimized. These active ingredients will make a difference in the short and long term. Protection, preserving and restoring is key.

The R&D team behind the brand created an Ortholamellar Technology. OLT is the next step in the development of lamellar cosmeceuticals. It is unique in the area of barrier technologies. Why? Because they eliminate all the ingredients that the skin doesn't need such as emulsifiers, silicones, fragrances and preservatives. Zeitschild developed the first emulsifier-free creams, setting new standards in dermatological cosmetics.

By imitating healthy skin structures, the skincare brand preserves the beauty of the skin, strengthens its protective function and preserves its fresh, natural radiance. The Ortholamellar Technology is perfect for both healing and preventive applications and therefore an ideal basis for the care of sensitive, challenged skin.

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