At MARNIX and ALLY, we are proud that conscious brands come knocking on our door to represent them and help build their future. Like Yves Rocher, the French cosmetics company that has a rich history and a promising future. Over the years, Yves Rocher has turned into the brand we all know and love today. Their vision, however, never changed. The brand is set on creating botanical cosmetics whilst democratizing the sector for all women.

The story of Yves Rocher commences in 1959, in the small village of La Gacilly in France. It was there that a visionary by the name of Rocher took the first steps towards botanical cosmetics. From that moment in time, the brand pioneered in developing products powered by nature, with respect for different skin types and nature.

For over 60 years, Yves Rocher has been championing beauty that is genuine, natural, responsible and generous. The brand is a strong advocate of inclusivity and offers a range suited for every woman.

Besides developing its products, the Yves Rocher company is active in botany, harvesting, manufacturing and retail. From the soil of our planet to our skin, Yves Rocher has complete control of the product’s life cycle. That way, the brand is able to reduce its impact on the environment and offer beauty products at affordable prices.

Yves Rocher is constantly innovating and will be launching some new makeup and skincare products very soon!

It is with great enthusiasm that we can announce that MARNIX and ALLY and Yves Rocher will join forces on a number of projects and that our agency will take care of the PR and Influencer Activations to come.

Questions? Intrigued already?