Introducing the Belgian knitwear label wolvis that creates timeless, woolen dreams characterized by an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. In 2013, wolvis was founded by architect Griet Depoorter as a result of her predilection for poetic knitwear. The brand consistently offers a variety of limited editions which are designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

Arising from patterns and rhythmic structures in nature and architecture, scarves and hats are created. These soft, limited editions are designed and produced in Belgium for the everyday men and women. The authentic outcome of offbeat colour combinations and luxurious textures is evident in every item.

Both ecological and socio-economic sustainability are key aspects of the wolvis philosophy. More specifically, wolvis contributes to protecting the environment and guarantees the absence of harmful substances in the production of the wool. As a determined supporter of maintaining a small stock, not a single wolvis will be wasted.

MARNIX & ALLY is happy to oversee all aspects of PR for wolvis.
The new winter collection will be presented during the FW19 Press Dates. - - #wolviscollection