NEW CLIENT — Sikkema

Introducing the Belgian brand SIKKEMA that makes tailor-made dreams come true for the modern day woman. This contemporary approach was founded by two sisters; engineer Manon (32) and fashion designer Jonne (30) Sikkema began their eponymous label as a reaction to what they saw as a missing link in the fashion business. A made-to-measure and -order mindset is what sets these two sisters apart from the rest of the industry.

With six basic models (1 pants and 5 dresses) as a starting point endless possibilities and fits get explored; dresses can be turned into skirts or tops, or the other way back around, evening wear can be made more casual, tops can be made suitable for Summer... possibilities galore! The duo sets out to create a label that would allow women to have a timeless and very personal wardrobe made especially to their body measurements.

MARNIX & ALLY is happy to oversee all aspects of PR for SIKKEMA.