NEW CLIENT — Mama Deli, healthy and delicious baby food for (busy) parents with a conscious lifestyle

As you all know, at MARNIX and ALLY we love healthy food and a conscious mindset. Combine that with cute babies, and we are sold. That’s why Mama Deli’s story immediately ignited a connection with us. With their ready-to-go frozen meals the dutch brand combines all the above to help parents in their daily struggle to provide their little ones with a fresh meal.

Every parent wants to give their kids the best start in life and that includes nutritional and wholesome food . When Mariëlle’s, founder of Mama Deli, first daughter was born, she spent most of her time in the kitchen preparing fresh meals for her baby, even after a long day at work. This left her with less quality time to spend with her new and growing family. All she wanted was less cooking and a lot more cuddles, without the loss of a healthy lifestyle. She was in desperate need of a time saving solution.

In her search for ready-to-go baby food that is delicious and fresh, she realized that the industry lacked a lot of innovation, growth and affordability. This needed to change and that is how Mama Deli came to life : a range of frozen meals and snacks for your newborn or toddler, packed with veggies, fruits, grains and … nothing else. What you see is what you get. Sourced from local suppliers and delivered at your door step at a fair price.

Their innovative perspective makes Mama Deli a trailblazer in the baby food industry, where preservatives or artificial flavors are (unfortunately) still main ingredients. With their pure products they hope the brand can help build a more conscious mindset when it comes to (baby) food. As a new parent we have to juggle 99 problems.. But thanks tot Mama Deli fresh food won’t be one of them.

After a successful launch in the Netherlands, MARNIX and ALLY is super excited to be the bridge welcoming Mama Deli into the Belgian market with our PR & Influencer marketing service.

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