NEW CLIENT — Kazidomi, the Belgian platform that promotes the transition to a healthier, more sensible lifestyle and consumption

Welcome Kazidomi! A young, vibrant brand and team with a heart for conscious labels. We are thrilled Kazidomi contacted and chose us for our expertise in sustainable storytelling, our wonderful client portfolio and of course, for our extensive network in Belgium (and beyond).

At MARNIX and ALLY, we have a heart for conscious labels with a futuristic mindset. We inspire and get inspired by sustainable brands with a great story to tell. That’s why we immediately felt a connection with Kazidomi. The Belgian scale-up acts as a platform with a wide range of healthy, sustainable lifestyle products.

In short. Emna Everard launched the Belgian scale-up Kazidomi in 2016. The e-shop was created to promote the transition to healthier, more sensible and more sustainable lifestyles and consumption. This way, they grant everyone the ability to take care of themselves and our planet. In addition to their own private label, Kazidomi succeeds in bringing a large amount of trustworthy brands together,
all in one place. They are all carefully selected by experts after a rigorous study of the product composition.

Craving vegan energy balls, zero waste shampoo bars or low salt pasta sauce? The platform is your go-to-guide for your sustainable lifestyle. The large catalogue of over 4.000 healthy products ensures you can take care of all the important elements in your life: your household, personal care, kids and pets. Kazidomi takes you on a journey through its carefully selected, affordable and sustainable products by introducing a smart membership formula.

This 12-month membership gives you an average discount of 25% on all products, compared to the general prices. As a result, members save on average €300 per year. Families with 2 children even enjoy a discount of up to €1000. If you have not saved €80 after one year, your membership will automatically be extended for one year for free. You can pay the membership in one go or opt for a monthly installment.

MARNIX and ALLY is happy to oversee all aspects of PR & influencers for Kazidomi in Belgium
and the Netherlands.

Questions? Intrigued already?