Meet Jochen Leën. As a first generation jewellery designer and rare gem collector, Jochen Leën has forged a remarkably colourful and multi-faceted career revolving around exceptional stones. Since 2008, Leën has been creating one of a kind high-end jewels under his namesake brand, working mainly with niche and rare gems.

The gems are excavated in self-contained mines and entrusted to expert gemstone cutters to ensure the highest quality. Leën then utilizes the stones for unique pieces of jewellery, encompassing the entire production process — from design to finish — in his Antwerp-based atelier.

The Jochen Leën brand has gained international acclaim and is now instantly associated with precious gems, jewellery and objets d'art, such as paintings and even dinosaurs. The Antwerp-based atelier also serves as a gallery for collectors, as well as a meeting point for creatives to collaborate on mutual projects.

Jochen Leën is a top-grade jewellery brand that combines outstanding quality with modern craftsmanship to create truly unique and wearable contemporary artworks.

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