NEW CLIENT — Having a BOLD talk with jewelry designer Line Vanden Bogaerde

Today we’re having a chat with Line Vanden Bogaerde, our newest jewelry label to join the M and A portfolio. This unique jewelry brand launches strong and meaningful collections. All pieces are abstract, timeless and ecological, because designer Line only works with recycled silver and fairmined Gold.

Hi Line! How can we best describe you? Could you share a bit more about your background?

Hi! I’m a jewelry designer, working and living in Ghent. Creating is my passion. Even as a kid I was always drawing and crafting. As a teenager I got more interested in psychology so I went to university. During that time I met someone who was studying graphic design. What an eye-opener, let me tell you! Back then, I didn’t even know that those kind of studies existed! So after 2 years in psychology I decided to change course and started a master in graphic design. As I prefer working with my hands instead of designing on the computer, I followed different masterclasses in fashion and ceramics and started a goldsmith education.

In 2011, I started creating porcelain earrings and made illustrations for two children’s books. I also designed illustrations on request. Later I started teaching at the academy. In 2016, after 5 years of teaching and running my side business in jewelry, I decided to take the plunge and became a fulltime jewelry designer.

What is so unique about your way of designing?

I create very intuitively, meaning I always follow my gut feeling. I don’t make sketches first, I immediately start-off in the material. I try different things and don’t stop until everything feels just right. It’s very important that every piece has its unique touch and they still unify as a whole. I always go for powerful pieces and simplicity. And I only work with natural materials.

Why do you only work with fairmined Gold?

I grew up with a strong sense of responsibility for people and our environment. I try to create with a constant focus on ethical and sustainable design. That’s why I choose to work with fairmined Gold. Eventually it’s a small effort for us but for miners, their families and their community, it truly makes a huge difference. With fairmined Gold you know that the miners from artisanal and small-scale mining organizations work in safe environments and get a fair wage. With a fairmined Gold ring you have something on your hands that contributes to a better life for a whole community. That’s what makes it extra precious, and I love it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

We are currently renovating our house, so that takes up a lot of time! Whenever I have a moment off, I love to spend time out of doors with our kids. I also love our little city garden and taking care of all the plants in it. When spending time with friends I like to go out trying new restaurants or visiting exhibitions.

Thank you, Line for the introduction.

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