The cat is finally out of the bag. We talked about Ellio in hushed tones for a long time trying not to jinx its release. Today we can finally scream it from the rooftops: our newest client is Ellio! In our opinion, Ellio will change the way we move forever. How? Well, for starters it’s the very first speed pedelec that’s developed just like a small car.

www.rideellio.com – @rideellio – #rideellio

The most innovative shuttle solution is Belgian! Ellio is a car alternative that can go further than a standard E-bike since it was developed just like a small car. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a bicycle with the ease of a car. The systems you know from your car are in this smart bike. Ellio is, therefore, the very first speed E-bike with all-wheel drive (two-wheel drive). Ellio is also the very first speed E-bike that runs fully automatically: the gears are automatically shifted, you no longer need your brake handles when braking, and after a sudden stop the right gear is ready for you to go again. Talking about a smooth ride!

With Ellio you no longer queue with your car, you experience a swift ride with the convenience of the car on a bike.

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