Say hello to CÎME, a Belgian skincare brand that uses superfoods from the Himalaya. It started when two lawyers, Isabel & Anke, exchanged their corporate careers for one big dream: launch an ethical and durable skincare brand. – @cime.skincare – #CÎMEskincare

Do you want to care for your skin in an honest way? Then CÎME is a match for you. Why? Well, their products are natural, vegan, bio, not tested on animals, fair trade, … basically, everything right in the world. Also, the packaging of their luxurious beauty products is made from recyclable materials provided with a beautiful watercolor design. Wishlisted!

Skincare brand CÎME is committed to create effective, non-toxic products suited for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. They do this by using Himalayan mountain plants such as sea buckthorn, edelweiss, apricot, daisy, green mandarin, rose and chamomile. These plants are unique because they have to survive at an altitude of 3000 meters in extreme weather conditions and therefore have the most powerful active ingredients, making the CÎME skincare products true multi-taskers. All the CÎME products have an ECOCERT label and range from cleansing oils to day & night creams that are non-greasy and easily absorbed.

The collection and cultivation of the CÎME ingredients are done in collaboration with farmers from Nepal on a 100% fair trade basis. The plants are grown, harvested and collected using organic and sustainable production methods. For every sold product, CÎME donates part of the proceedings to the "Little Doctors" school program of the NGO Nepal Trust.

– CÎME, honestly beautiful

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