Introducing the Antwerp based jewelry brand BARELLI MANON; defined by both a minimalistic shape-focused aesthetic and a feminine feel, the young Belgian label has already caught the eye of many. Manon Barelli started her namesake label in 2018 right after graduating in interior design, choosing jewelry as her preferred mode of expression.

Common objects serve as an enduring inspiration for her collections. These elements are purified into an interplay of alternately swirling and hard angular lines. Her visual language is defined by sculptural and fluid designs, resulting in small collections of elegantly bold pieces with no need of embellishment.

BARELLI MANON creates an image of intimacy by her way of producing. From design to creation, everything is handcrafted in her atelier in Antwerp (Belgium) on a made-to-order base. This way Barelli stays close to every designed & delivered piece. — PR contact: