We moved — Step into our castle!


It did not just happen overnight, but good preparations and awesome teamwork made it go smoothly. We
moved our headquarters, previously situated in the Sint-Lambertusstraat 35 in Berchem, to the Le Grellelei 5.
And we are happy to inform you we are completely up and running and ready to welcome you on the second
and third floor of this great p(a)lace.

A majestic street name for an impressive building built in the late 1800s by architect Michel Bray. During the last century this place served different purposes of which the last one drew our immediate attention. For more than three years (2017-2020) you could find the fashion studios and offices of the French-Columbian fashion designer – and alumnus of the Antwerp Fashion Academy - Haider Ackermann on these premises. By moving our HQ and showroom here, we’re keeping those (Belgian) fashion vibes alive.

From ultramodern to neo-romanesque. The previous place looked great but did not tick all the boxes. It was beautiful to he eye, but not in the best condition. The structure of the building, the lack of parking spaces, the layout, ... And so you know what they say: the best offices have natural light, interesting neighbors, more than one parking space and easy access. Four times check.

A fresh start isn’t (only) a new place, it’s a mindset. The Sint-Lambertusstraat was our home for exactly 4 years. With a growing team, changing services and other perspectives, moving to a new place felt like the right thing to do. You might think our new HQ is bigger than the previous one, but that’s not the case. Growing a business is not ‘per se’ growing in square meters. We chose a smarter place where we can implement our new strategies and services. If Covid had to teach us one thing, it is that people love to combine office work with home office work. So we feel our new HQ is more of a co-working space.

We moved, but not too far. We’ve been located in ’t Zuid, ’t Eilandje and in Berchem, so we have a decent set of
references. Berchem has been good to us, so we decided to stay around and only move up a block or 2. And what about the hub in Genk? Smooth sailing. We’re still up and running at C-MINE too. We can proudly say that both of our locations have a rich history.

A big thank you to the entire team for all their efforts, Inge Rylant for the beautiful illustrations and our new neighbours for that warm welcome.

Now, let’s prepare for our 10th anniversary.

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