Studio HENK is a Dutch furniture design studio. Inspired by daily moments, they create accessible design furniture for every day.

— The designers behind this incredible brand were kind enough to lift our HQ to the next level by delivering some key pieces of their collection.

We now live and breathe, chat and toast, write and bite whilst seated at our New Classic dining table. Thanks to the simplicity of the frame, the New Classic table can easily fit into any interior, including ours. We've added the New Classic bench to balance things out, and opted to add four Co Chairs. The Co Chair is the first chair ever designed by Studio HENK, and thus an indispensable piece to have in our showroom.

"Furniture design is not just about creating a beautiful piece; it's about designing furniture that you can use every day", and that is exactly what we're doing... you can even find some evidence below!

Thanks a million to the incredible team behind Studio HENK. We are so proud to be working with you.

xo, team M&A