HELLO NUTCHEL CABINS — Disconnect to reconnect.

Our MARNIX and ALLY philosophy consists of a healthy balance between modern life and relaxation. Taking care of your well-being is key. So we are excited to announce that Nutchel Cabins, the adventurous yet slow living getaway will join the M and A family. No vacation plans yet? Nutchel to the rescue!

Last year we were haunted by corona which caused our vacation plans to fall through, this year inflation has caught up with us. Consequence: sky-high prices, long queues and unreliable airlines. This summer it seems as if there is no longer any certainty that you will effectively get to your vacation destination? Nutchel is your solution for a stress-free and affordable vacation nearby.

Need a moment of zen? Want to escape the work mails, household to-do's and traffic jams? Checkout www.nutchel.be, thé place to disconnect from your day-to-day routine for a few days and reconnect to nature and the people you care about.

Nutchel is a next-level glamping concept nestled amidst nature in Belgium and France. The wooden cabins have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. But don’t get too comfortable! You’ll be in charge of the heating, lighting and even providing cooling elements for your fridge. And to completely disconnect from your daily routine there is no Wifi available, instead you can relax in the hot tub or explore hiking trails. With Nutchel Cabins you go back to basics with a touch of comfort.

Skip queues and overpriced hotels. Nutchel is your sustainable holiday nearby. Rediscover the joy of simple things in nature.

Nutchel is all year round available, suitable for families with kids and dog-friendly! And just like the founders Bernard and Clémance, Nutchel is available in Belgium and recently also across the border in France.

Still need to decide where to go on a holiday? There's a last minute discount code on their website. Thank us later!

Nutchel is a growing Belgian brand with a strong focus on sustainability and all the good things in life, that’s what makes Nutchel the dream M and A client. We’re excited to announce that MARNIX and ALLY willl take care of Nutchels’ PR for the upcoming seasons.


Questions? Want to know more about our new client Nutchel? Contact josefien@marnixandally.com