Fun Autumn Break activity powered by Seventh Generation (free printables!)

It’s happening again: Covid 19 is on the rise. The numbers of contaminations and hospitalizations are increasing significantly. The government is taking various measures to contain the virus and is extending the Autumn Break with a whole week. As a result, we’re currently living in our bubble and trying to entertain our little ones while working… That’s why Seventh Generation is launching a couple of printables, an original and fun way to combine healthy, educational in- and outdoor quality time with your kids. Bring nature in!

We’ll be a lot more at home the next month(s) because of the social restrictions. But, on the other hand, this unique situation also creates the opportunity to spend more meaningful time together with your loved ones. Making yourself and them feel protected in your safe haven, in your clean environment. To keep your mind at ease and to keep the peace at home, you’ll need useful distractions for yourself and for your kids. Therefor the ecological homecare label Seventh Generation is introducing fun printables: 3 different playful drawings, to avoid the “mommy, I’m bored” conversations with your mini’s.

How does it work? Take the kids for a walk in the neighborhood park to collect colorful leaves, acorns, chestnuts and loose small branches. Back home, you easily download and print out the Seventh Generation printable (HERE!). After assembling your arts & crafts gear such as scissors, glue (running glue works best) and nature’s ingredients, you can start decorating your chosen printable.

But there’s more to this story. It’s Seventh Generation’s mission to create a more healthy, sustainable, and equitable world for the generations to come by choosing to work with plant-based formula and 100% recycled packaging. That’s why, besides developing a convenient family fun activity, this conscious homecare brand also provides you with a valuable educational moment for your next generation. During this art project, you teach your kids that you can use nature’s treasures to make something new and wonderful.

That’s why we encourage you to get creative during Autumn Break! Inspire others by sharing your Seventh Generation love by posting your printable stories on Instagram by using #seventhgeneration and #generationgood. Don’t forget to tag (and us ;))! This way you might get featured on the official Belgian account of this sustainable homecare brand!

__ Concept by MARNIX and ALLY for Seventh Generation -
@seventhgenerationbe - #seventhgeneration