Four reasons why you should intern at MARNIX and ALLY

Are you looking for an internship in a bright, fast growing and conscious company? Is the concept of slow and conscious living on top of your mind and do you want to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world? Then read along!

Hi there! Let me introduce myself: Natacha, 21 years young, social beast with a passion for sustainability, fashion and food. I just graduated in Communication Management and I can happily say I partially owe my ‘cum laude’ to my amazing internship at MARNIX and ALLY. Today, I’m sharing four reasons why you need to intern in this bright and fast growing company. Curious to know? Find out below.

1. You’ll work for brands that are cool enough to care about the planet

Take a look at the brand portfolio and see for yourself. Not only are almost all brands Belgian or from a neighbouring country, all labels also share a soft spot for aesthetics and sustainability. Whether it is centered on ethics, climate change, sustainability or animal wellbeing, each brand has its own catching purpose. Working for lots of promising conscious clients while contributing to a better and greener society was definitely an added value for me.

2. An open-minded and young team in an innovating and creative company

Secondly, you’ll get in a young and dynamic company that’s growing by the day. Just enter MARNIX and ALLY’s HQ in Antwerp and contemplate the clean and spacious work office with its modern showroom. The trendy and aesthetic interior will stimulate your brain and get you in focusing mode right away. When the time for the bi-yearly Press Dates comes, you’ll get the opportunity to help arrange and display the showroom yourself with all the beautiful labels. Some sense of design is definitely welcome 😉

As for the team, you’ll get to know a warm and open-hearted women-driven team. Each colleague has an other background: from journalism and social media too influencer and digital marketing. They can learn you a broad skill set that will make you a master in PR.

During your interning period, you’ll be able to meet every colleague. With the current situation, each team member goes to the office at least once a week, and as an intern you can come even more. This made it possible for me to meet each one of my colleagues in a different set-up and build real connections with them.

3. Chances and opportunities to grow and become a fully integrated team member

MARNIX and ALLY cares about their employees, thus you’ll be seen as a whole integrated team member. It’s a no for serving coffee all day, though it can be a nice gesture for your teammates once in a while 😉 Since I started my internship mid-lockdown, I got assigned not one but two coaches. This way, my team anticipated the difficult WFH situation and assured to give me enough support. I really appreciated this help and it shows that the company truly cares about their employees and interns. Depending on your interning period, personal situation and future wishes, you certainly have chances to grow in the company and stick around for longer. My co-intern got a job here after her 6 month internship. As for me, since I will be pursuing my studies for a little longer, during the summer I am temporarily working as a job student. The fact that my last day is getting closer and I will leaving the M&A-team soon, makes me a bit sad.

4. A wide array of PR-related tasks

Lastly, regarding to the content of my work, I had very diverse tasks in each relevant PR field. Copywriting skills consisted of writing press releases, blogposts and social media copy. For research, I investigated the Belgian media and learned to deep dive in the world of influencers, calculated benchmarks, searched for great angles and pitches, managed clippings and made up monthly client reports. Finally for content creation, I created shoppings, seeding cards and briefings and helped with the social media content. Globally, I assisted lots of meetings and received a few masterclasses from my coach to help sharpen my skills. I also brainstormed and co-developed communication strategies and plans and communicated with all our relevant stakeholders. As you see, you’ll get the chance to evolve in each specific PR field and develop new and existing skills in such a way that you’ll be ready for a full-time job in the communication field.

Are you looking for an internship in a bright, fast growing and conscious company? Is the concept of slow and conscious living on top of your mind and do you want to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world?
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