Let’s take some time to look back at the wonderful event we hosted for Schmidt’s Naturals.

The green brand ‘Schmidt’s Naturals’ originated in the kitchen of founder Jaime Schmidt. Their natural and effective care products are based exclusively on the good stuff from nature. Think natural personal care, without artificial fragrances and colorants… what’s not to celebrate?

At MARNIX and ALLY we are fierce supporters of natural products, so naturally, we were very eager to connect this marvelous brand with the right target audience.

The event took place at The Collector’s House, situated in the historical heart of Antwerp. The Collector’s House is a stunning space that is peaceful and exquisite, with a warm bohemian look & feel. The gorgeous flower window paintings by Liene Meneve were the icing on the cake.

At the event, we were accompanied by a bunch of inspiring, warm-hearted women. Our host, the fully green-minded creative, Romy Van Haecke a.k.a. @rustyrevolvers, shared her experience with Schmidt’s Naturals and motivated each and every one of us to become and stay eco-friendly.

Guests had the opportunity to discover the products from Schmidt’s Naturals during a delicious and inspiring meal. After dinner, our female influentials became part of the Schmidts Naturals Campaign. The talented Dorothee Dubois worked her magic and took portraits of our female guests in the same look and feel as the campaign images. Have a look at the stunning results below.

Full creative concept and strategy, from invite to guests, by MARNIX and ALLY.

www.schmidts.com - @schmidtsbelgium - #schmidtsnaturals