They say that when February kicks in the switch of seasons is tangible. Well, one thing we felt for sure was the arrival of two brand new interns. One with a focus on PR, Alessandra, one with more focus on cross-media, Danai.

At M and A we don't take an internship lightly. We try to create an inspirational environment where they can have an experiential learning opportunity. One that offers an invaluable chance to network and build crucial professional skills before they even graduate. Want to get to know them better? We asked them some questions.

Introduce yourself; who are you, what are you studying?

Danai: Hi, my name is Danai. I’m 21 and am studying cross media management at KdG Antwerp. This basically makes me a graphic design, social media management and digital marketing lover! As long as I can add my passion for creativity to the things I do, I’m happy.

Alessandra: Hello, my name is Alessandra, an enthusiastic writer and speaker studying PR and spokesperson at Thomas More in Mechelen. Currently in my final year of the communication major.

What are your expectations of this internship?

Danai: I expect to learn how to combine business with personal interests. I hope to master the digital marketing world and get a feel of how to propose creative and trendy solutions to clients with the right fit. Lastly, I hope to get a full perspective on the world of social media and how it benefits businesses.

Alessandra: I expect to learn a lot about public relations and look forward to putting theory into practice. In addition, I will be guided by all kinds of creative people who will inspire me.

Why did you think that M and A was the perfect match for you?

Danai: I believe Marnix and Ally to be the perfect place to develop professionally while staying true to my personal values. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to be creative within the world of fashion, lifestyle and beauty which I’m very interested in. Basically, Marnix and Ally feels like the best of both worlds to me.

Alessandra: Simple. Marnix and Ally works for Belgian sustainable brands. Could it get any better? In addition to their authentic approach, I am also a huge fan of the corporate identity and interior design at the office. This also extends to the interaction between colleagues. I immediately felt at ease and believe this is the only way to learn!

Thank you both, we can't wait to see you develop and flourish inside M and A!