At MARNIX and ALLY we make ends meet. That’s why we were immediately convinced that the 21st of October - International Apple Day - is the perfect moment in time to honour vegan sneakers made out of leftovers derived from the apple industry. We marked this date on our calendar and transformed it into the exclusive Komrads APL Day. The day on which new series, colours, collabs or actions from the APL-line will be announced!

— Because an apple a day… 🍏

MARNIX and ALLY is a firm supporter of slow (Belgian) fashion brands that do their bit to make our planet more beautiful. Komrads APL is definitely one of them. We feel a real connection with founders Mark Vandevelde and Greet Goegebuer: an Inspiring duo with a beautiful vision and an honest story. We can definitely say that our noses point in the same direction: towards a brighter future.

With their zero-impact sneaker collection, Komrads APL contributes to the world of slow fashion. How? By expanding their APL sneaker collection made from ecological apple leather, recycled rubber, re-used PET-bottles and cotton. We are more than happy to be part of their story and to help them spread the message.

We therefore immediately came up with the idea that October 21st - International Apple Day - could be the perfect day to highlight their sneakers made out of apples. We contacted inspirational influencers, whose profiles match the vision and look & feel of Komrads APL perfectly, and press to push the story to a higher level. That way we connect the right people at the right time! Together with Komrads APL, we gifted them a pair of monowhite sneakers and on APL Day the influencers co-launched this brand new series of vegan sneakers together with us. It was a great success!

So from now on you can mark this day on your calendar because it will be the day on which Komrads annually announces new series, colours, actions or collabs of their APL-collection! What did this first APL Day have in store? The launch of the Komrads APL monowhite & monoblack (high and low) sneakers!

Let's make a difference, feet first!

XO, team M&A