CASE — Eva Janssens' bridal collection: how a personal approach results in a successful PR campaign

At MARNIX and ALLY we believe in real connections, only then authentic stories truly come to life. Our personal approach ensures remarkable results. Like Eva Janssens’ new collection 'ensemble' caught many eyes thanks to its unique PR approach. Let’s take a look at how this case was carefully constructed.

As always, we started with a one-on-one meeting with the client: bridal designer Eva Janssens. During the intimate conversation she gave us all the necessary information about the collection that was going to be launched, from the type of fabrics to the sources of inspiration and the production process. Keeping this info in mind, we started brainstorming on the press release. A well-filled press release was launched to the world. And yet, it was only a tip of the veil. We took a personal approach as the basis of the PR campaign and set out the PR angles before we started pitching the story. A conversation with Eva gave us enough 'food for thought' to create pr angles. We then reached out to our valuable media contacts and approached them all in their specific way, with a story angle written entirely for them (or for the magazine). This way, each journalist felt somehow connected to the brand. Eventually, we created a complete tailor-made approach, just as Eva Janssens does with her dresses and customers. Providing an exclusive approach to get a story into the spotlight.

“My design process starts with the connection with the brides, it has to click to make it work. We kick-off with a conversation to hear all about the love story, the wishes of the bride, the wedding day, etc. We use these as building blocks to create a very personal dress and experience for her that not only fits her body perfectly but also their love story.” Eva Janssens

“We immediately felt that ‘click’ with MARNIX and ALLY too. Their approach is very similar to Eva’s work. The hard work they put into creating beautiful pieces, the words they use to carry out the story they want to tell as well as the time they spend getting to know each person.” — Nathalie Bruyneel, Eva Janssens’ right hand

It goes without saying that our personal approach equaled a priceless outcome. The campaign started in January, yet our follow-up lasted till the end of May, a period of 5 months. During these months we had a big bang momentum in March and April and we were happy to report a whopping amount of 23 press articles. We’re talking about 7 online articles, 1 social media interview, 1 cover, 2 bridal shoots and no less than 12 print articles. From an 'I'm marrying Belgian' column in Marie Claire, over a report on Eva's career in Elle… To finish off with an online article at about Eva's brides experiences and how they are still styling their dress long after the wedding.

MARNIX and ALLY delivered a ROI of 127,20%. It’s safe to say that the campaign was a success!

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