We are celebrating not one but two of our PR consultants’ 1 year anniversary at Marnix and Ally. Both have their own niche, personality and clients — both are important pieces of our puzzle! Jente started as an intern and decided to stick with us, while Femke decided to hop on the Antwerp bus after working in Genk. Their journeys started differently but they both agree on: how time flies! We asked them both 6 questions. Read all about their experiences so far below!

Hi there! Let’s start at the beginning; how did your journey at M and A start?

Jente: As a young graduate with a Master’s degree in fashion PR & Marketing, it wasn’t too easy to find a suitable job while the pandemic was at its peak in 2021. I finally came across Marnix and Ally’s intern vacancy and was intrigued by it so I immediately applied. One thing led to another and after a 3 month internship, I was offered a full time position. Today, over a year later, I’m still here as a PR consultant - And what a fantastic journey it has been!

Femke: I have a master's degree in design. So in the years after I graduated it would have been an obvious choice to go into actual design. However, storytelling has always been my thing and I really wanted to dive into this other side of design. (Telling the designer's story). And here we are now, time has flown by.

What is your role at M and A?

Jente: I’m a PR consultant and showroom manager at Marnix and Ally. As a consultant I mainly represent fashion and beauty brands such as DétaiL, Wildthings Collectables, Laurence Delvallez, Yves Rocher and GHD. This side of my job goes hand in hand with managing the showroom in which I not only write about the inspiring stories of these fashion labels but I also physically work with their products in order to understand their vision even better.

Femke: Creative PR consultant represent. Thinking outside the box is my core task (or rather, I don't even do boxes). I have a handful of brands whom I support at Marnix and Ally in terms of PR. Ranging from very different backgrounds: from Eva Janssens over World of Tents to Gutsy, among others. Each time quirky and above all authentic brands. Let's say I go beyond PR. Creative angles? One of a kind influencer campaigns? Check!

Number one lesson that you have learned at M and A in the past year?

Jente: Never stop, always go the extra mile to achieve your goals, even if it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Femke: Stay true to your authentic self! A lesson I’ve known for a while but now in practice has become even more clear. The bond I build with clients is strong. Working together on a project is a serious matter but after work? It's more than okay to laugh and have some fun. Kindness doesn't cost a thing;).

What’s your favorite core memory at M and A?

Jente: Moving day, without a doubt! It was a very long day for sure but we did it as a team with some coffees and snacks along the way. The team effort and the new start in a beautiful building was my motivation and gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Femke: I had never experienced press days before. Two days full of ideas, new faces and bucketfuls of inspiration. A bit overwhelming, but it was so fulfilling. I am already looking forward to our next press days. You ain't a pr girl if chit chatting isn't your second language during those days. It's nice to connect realness!

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?

Jente: Open up my little notebook with my to-do list next to my inbox — very mainstream answer, but especially when I’m hoping for a specific reply, I’m curious to open my inbox first thing in the morning!

Femke: Clipping Check with a much needed coffee. Always happy to see the brands we represent come to life in magazines, no matter how big or small the article is. It makes you feel like an important piece of the puzzle. A coffee simply is a must while doing that. (Read; essential morning fuel).

A quote that really inspires you, says something about you or just gives you goosebumps?

Jente: There are many quotes that inspire me but recently I opened a fortune cookie which had a quote inside that really suits me “good things come to those who are too impatient to wait”. This quote really fits my impatient nature ;)

Femke: It's hard to choose one quote, so I selected an author, if that's okay? I sometimes snuggle up to the poems of poet and columnist Aya Sabi. Honest and sincere, authentic yet quirky. It makes you pause to reflect on life. Definitely a must follow tip! @aya.sabi.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We’re very curious what the future has in store for us!

© Niccola Van den Heuvel