CASE — How MARNIX and ALLY curates events for clients

April and May were all about events, events, events, and we were so thrilled to welcome all of you back in real life (hooray!) during our Press Days: real connections, real stories, face-to-face talks, yes!

New product releases, eye-catching collabs or brands: we love spreading (the) news. As you know, we try to have as much personal contact as possible and we truly believe in a personal and creative approach for our brands as well. That’s why an experienced people approach is so powerful: influencers with authentic communities can increase brand awareness and create real-time content for the brand. And that’s what happened these past couple of months. This is a recap of some of our events, since we love to give you more detailed insights.


For the 10th birthday of Cîme, MARNIX and ALLY curated their celebration with much enthusiasm. They’d love to add some extra attention to this special occasion and so we started thinking what we could do to create a ‘hero moment’. A big bang. What excites the media? What do we need to focus on so journalists will read the story? What imagery needs to be created to empower the story?

We started brainstorming with the baseline ‘honestly beautiful’. Real women, honest products, feeling comfortable in your own skin, the interpretation of beautiful…. ‘An ode to the skin’ came out as the common thread. From there we started building the entire story. Two different illustrations were created by young Belgian illustrators giving their view on ‘real skin’ and the l’Huile by Cîme birthday edition was born.

We had a product, a story and a theme. And so we started contacting exclusive media and influencers. We wrote an intriguing press release and we organized a limited press tour. Cherry - or final birthday candle - on the cake? An inspirational influencer event in Cîme’s own garden. The influencer list was carefully created and curated by the MARNIX and ALLY team. We united fans of the brand, provided them with inspirational talks and a vegan 3-course lunch, and hijacked Instagram stories for a day. We reached half a million people that day, only by influencers…Creating a major impact for brand awareness and reaching new markets. Mission accomplished!


“Your time, your life”. Since 2016 the Belgian SuccesPlanner has been organizing people’s lives with their planners, notebooks and diaries. SuccesPlanner is here to help you to live more consciously, think more positive and reach your own goals. Succesjesboek is their newest planner, developed for children between 6 and 12 years old.

Being parents themselves, Niki and Stephanie, founders of SuccesPlanner, created Succesjesboek, a notebook in which kids can write down their successes, as well as things they are struggling with. To celebrate the birth of Succesjesboek, MARNIX and ALLY advised SuccesPlanner on how to organize a launch event - on a budget – for target influencers: parents with children between 6 and 12 years old.

The location? Verbeke Foundation, the perfect museum for an artistic afternoon full of workshops. We chose the Verbeke Foundation because it’s the perfect indoor and outdoor museum for an extraordinary and witty day with children. And what’s a supercool kids event without a supercool host? Francisco Schulzer (aka Yemi from ‘Like Me’) was here to talk about his successes, failures and experiences with pressure in life. A match made in heaven. The kids were super excited to meet their hero and Francisco’s story fitted Succesjesboek’s aim like a glove.

MARNIX and ALLY created an influencer list that matched the target group perfectly. A group of 15 influencers (with their kids) were selected to join the workshop at Verbeke Foundation and they went wild on social media with a reach of 235.311 people.


In May we joined forces with our Dutch client Mepal on their limited Vibe collection. The new Mepal Vibe drinking bottles and lunch boxes are all about being who you want to be. We matched 17 influencers with a modern and conscious way of life to the brand, picked the location, and provided the perfect host and catering that matched a real city vibe.

A city vibe + a conscious living approach? Say no more!

We matched Mepal Vibe to Re-Charge, a modern and unique fitness in Antwerp, hosted by Gudrun Hespel. Gudrun, very well-known on Instagram herself, talking about personal development and achievements and teaching you how to love yourself, led a Pilates course and introduced the influencers to the newest Mepal items. She even integrated them in her course! The great atmosphere, the pilates course, the vegan lunch from Tartelies and lovely weather in the heart of Antwerp turned the event into a major success. When counting the spontaneous stories and posts made during the event, we ended up with a 359 510 reach and counting… since people are still posting their products!


Talking about fashion: in May fashion label Signe Nature presented their new identity to their very own network. A new logo and catchy baseline set the tone; they want to create a new universe inspired by all the women around us. Felix Pakhuis turned into a real fashion show including a catwalk, drinks and some fine music, for the occasion. Signe Nature asked us to select and invite 5 brand ambassadors to join the show. And so they came to the big reveal night, wearing Signe Nature’s new collection. It was no less than a magical evening. And yet again, real talks, real stories, real connections.

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pictures Mepal @thefreshlight