We are happy to announce that COSH! is joining the Marnix and Ally family. Sustainability has always been a core value at M and A. So the match with COSH! was a natural one. COSH! is an initiative of Niki De Schryver, sustainable entrepreneur at heart (and close contact of #clubmanda). COSH!’s mission is to create a paradigm shift in the fashion industry and a fundamental change in behavior, both on the retail and consumer side.

We all wear clothes, they are our second skin and part of our identity. However, the fashion, cosmetic and accessory industries are some of the most polluting and inhumane in the world. When we go shopping, we have no idea of the ethical or environmental impact of our shopping choices. COSH! is here to change this. For everyone who wants to make conscious choices, COSH! shows you sustainable alternatives powered by data driven technology. The platform provides consumers with an easy and quick search tool and visualizes the sustainable characteristics of fashion in a clear and clean way. At Marnix and Ally, we are all about transparency (and fashion of course) so we can only applaud this!

Thanks to Cosh! shoppers can easily find stores in their city that offer sustainable fashion within their own style and budget! Hooray for that.

Marnix and Ally will support COSH! on the PR front, help them grow and spread their important message. The changemaking platform has many exciting things coming up, and we are thrilled to be a part of this positive journey. Let’s spread their message 'Conscious Shopping Made Easy' and change the fashion game!

Questions about COSH!? Contact femke@marnixandally.com or nathalie@marnixandally.com


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