WELCOME AESAERT — A Belgian handbag brand that celebrates the beauty of leather

At MARNIX and ALLY we love a creative entrepreneurial story. So we’re happy to introduce you to AESAERT, a Belgian accessory label we have loved for such a long time. Griet, the founder, has an intuitive sense for aesthetics and a passion for all things design. Read on to discover her take on leather handbags, the sustainable way!

Hailing from the centric city of Gent, Griet is the creator and designer behind the timeless and beautiful brand called AESAERT. After finishing her Masters in Architecture and working behind the computer all day, Griet felt the urge to be creative with her hands again. So Griet embarked on a new design adventure: handbags! She felt hugely inspired by the many possibilities of leather and started creating custom handbags. In just a couple of years, this creative project evolved into the brand that AESAERT is today.

Griet values leather as a nobel product that deserves to be treated with care and respect. That’s why she only works with the best quality of leather. All bags are created with leather coming from European cows raised exclusively for their meat, so therefore the leather she’s using is 100% recuperative material.

What also makes AESAERT unique is that AESAERT’s leather is tanned with a plant-based method by applying bark from trees instead of the conventional way with chrome. This natural method is better for the environment and for the life span of the leather. Who doesn’t want a handbag for life?

AESAERT has a collection of handbags made to be worn everyday. Each piece is unique and can be made custom according to your wishes. When you want a custom bag, you get to choose the leather, the lining, length of the straps, even the number of pockets. AESAERT is where functionality and aesthetics meet.

Curious already? Griet creates all handbags in her welcoming shop in Gent. Pay her a visit, she’d be happy to tell you more about her brand!

We're excited to announce that MARNIX AND ALLY will take care of the PR for AESAERT. Let’s get this beautiful brand featured in your favorite magazine.

Questions about AESAERT? Contact josefien@marnixandally.com or nadja@marnixandally.com

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