Due to corona many of us are bound to work from home, which makes the inner workings of any organisation slightly more complex than usual. Colleagues see less of each other, except via virtual meetings which can then be interrupted by technological issues, pets or toddlers. It’s easy to lose perspective when more and more triggers announce themselves. To make the transit easier and keep our productivity on point, the M and A team was gifted beautiful champagne Planners by life coach on paper: SuccesPlanner!

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From now on, the Belgian #1 time tool SuccesPlanner monitors the M and A structure and gives us smart insights into our valuable time. The targeted Planner motivates, stimulates and brings you balance and headspace. SuccesPlanner, therefore, helps you excel both professionally and personally. A feature that our entire team was very excited about.

At M and A, every Sunday is now ‘planning day’, with a special moment set aside to plan our upcoming workweek and bring forth greater peace of mind. Excited to finally clear our heads and keep structure in our schedules, the M and A team reviewed the Planner themselves! Sharing with you the ultimate insider experience. Discover our personal gains from implementing SuccesPlanner into our lives below.

– Read our personal experiences below! –

"Our client SuccesPlanner entered our lives at the right time, at the right place. Through Covid our schedules were flooded with online meetings and the most pronounced sentence at the office was ‘I have no time’. In the midst of the corona-madness, I got in touch with Stephanie and Niki from SuccesPlanner and immediately felt this planner could be the solution for us all. And so, during an online team think tank about ‘time efficiency in a chaotic period’, I introduced it to the team. I’m very pleased to see everyone using it so well. Flexibility is important, especially in PR, but structure is necessary for creating a sense of stability and balance in life. Personally, the planner gives me structure, positivity and helps me manage my precious time. If you want to achieve your goals and live your dreams, managing time is the most important thing that one must learn and practice sincerely. Time is something that determines your present and your future. Thank you SuccesPlanner for this wonderful collaboration.” – An-Katrien, CEO

“I was pleasantly surprised by how SuccesPlanner made it so easy to set my goals in an accessible way. The Planner encourages me to be more ambitious and has become an entrusted pal in times of stress and chaos. My favourite thing about SuccesPlanner is that you can always look back on the goals you have set and achieved in the past. It gives me a good feeling about myself.” – Charlotte, PR Executive

“I have been using SuccessPlanner as a planning tool for two years. The planner gives me structure and balance, even in a busy week. SuccesPlanner helps me relax, stay calm and step in the week with more control. It gives me insight into my time use, self-development, and has taught me to deal with time more consciously.” – Katherina, Brand Strategist

“SuccessPlanner motivated me to write down my to do's and priorities clearly, which not only gives me a better understanding of my time but also allows me to clear my head. After only 2 months of using the planner, I feel more in control of my week and I’m more productive than ever!” – Elien, Junior PR Account

“Thanks to SuccesPlanner I am more aware of my time allocation and goals. Both professional and private matters are given a structured place, which gives me a handy overview and allows me to work more efficiently. Strange but true, it seems as if a day suddenly counts more hours and thus frees up more space to pursue my goals.” – Nadja, PR Executive

“The scheduling feature of SuccesPlanner gives me a strong foothold and ensures that I am less likely to deviate from my predetermined daily schedule. This also ensures that I can focus better and work more efficiently.” – Ineke, PR Executive

“Every Sunday evening I determine my goals for the upcoming week and translate them with SuccesPlanner. This achievable weekly overview gives me insight into my priorities and brings me peace of mind. I don't lie awake on Sunday nights anymore thinking about things that don’t matter.” – Margot, Senior PR Executive

Thanks a million SuccesPlanner for guarding M and A’s structure during these tough times!
We are very excited to be working with you.

xo, team M and A

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