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Jonne and Manon Sikkema are the faces behind Belgian fashion label ‘SIKKEMA’. The sister duo introduces a tailor-made concept for women, inspired by the custom of creating made-to-measure suits for men. By means of a collection consisting out of six basic pieces (five dresses and one pair of trousers), SIKKEMA creates endless design possibilities. Why, you say? Simply because all women are unique and deserve clothes that fit them like a glove.

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us about your background and education?

We’re Jonne and Manon or as De Standaard likes to call us ‘The Scissor Sisters’! Besides the fact that we share the same last name we’re very different people (though some people might say we look a little alike ☺). Jonne has a background in fashion design and is the creative brain of the operation. She focuses on the designs and helps our lovely customers create their own unique pieces. Manon has a background in engineering and focuses more on operational and commercial aspects of the business. Together we make a very complementary team.

How did you come up with the idea to start SIKKEMA?

The idea for SIKKEMA came from the demand really. Friends and family were approaching Jonne and asking if she would be able to design something special for a wedding or a special occasion, so we thought there could be more to that. If friends and family were having this issue, then others must be having it as well. And so SIKKEMA was born!

How is it to run a business as sisters?

Truthfully, it’s great. People often ask us about this, but I don’t think there’s anyone else we would rather do this with. The beauty of working with your sister is that you know each other very well and have been through good and bad times together before. And at the end of the day we will always be sisters, so we better make it work.

SIKKEMA is not just a fashion brand. What’s so special about it?

At SIKKEMA we give you input in the design. Jonne has designed a collection which allows for a lot of flexibility for you to tailor it to your needs and wishes. Do you want a different neckline, a longer sleeve, a shorter skirt? No problem! On top of that, you can also decide on the type of fabric and the colour, after which the piece is made to your measurements. The result is a very personal, well-fitted item of clothing.

How would you like to see SIKKEMA evolve? What are your dreams?

We’ve only just begun and are still in the process of establishing ourselves, but we have big dreams and ambitions. We hope to become an (inter)national reference for quality made-to-measure women’s clothing, a trusted name that people think of when they are looking for a unique piece. It feels like SIKKEMA is really still in its infant phase and there are many opportunities still awaiting us!

Female entrepreneurs are still in the minority. What tips do you have for those who are considering starting their own business?

Start! It’s very easy to overanalyze every detail from the comfort of your home (guilty!), but the truth is that you won’t know what will work until you start. Your product won’t be perfect from day one, but that’s ok. Starting and launching your product/service allows you to gain feedback rapidly and to adjust your product/service into something great.

Thank you, Jonne and Manon, for the inspirational talk! Good luck with everything!

Intrigued by the brand? Check out SIKKEMA and get inspired!

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