From fine jewelry to true luxurious statement pieces. Engraved lines and check patterns play a prominent part in Studio Collect's brand-new collection CRAFTED & CARVED.

Back in the days high end jewelry houses often adorned everyday objects with gems and engraved them with textures. Think of vintage lighters, match holders, makeup and jewelry boxes in precious materials. This methode turned simple everyday objects into extraordinary pieces with an exclusive, luxurious look and feel.

This thought became the essential element for Studio Collect in designing their new jewelry line CRAFTED & CARVED. Especially the methode of engraving inspired the four-headed designer collective. Colorful gems in light pink, warm grey and orange express the richness and luxurious feel of the jewelry. The rhythmic lines and check patterns forge an inimitable aesthetic.

The collection is available from August 1st. While we patiently wait for the new collection to launch, Studio Collect has a nice surprise for their customers this weekend. Join us in the celebration of their 5th anniversary and get a special discount this weekend only!

Photos by MARNIX and ALLY. — PR contact: