This year started out promising: a new decade equaled a new beginning for several people and brands at MARNIX and ALLY. We made plans voor offline events, meetups and coffee dates but then Corona struck. All the content concepts we thought out were swept off the table and had to be replaced with fresh and safe ideas. We saw these challenging times as an opportunity to show off our flexibility, our expertise and our creativity. And so, when Mepal knocked on our door and asked us how we could introduce them and their new product line to the Belgian press, this is what we did…

Mepal is a smart, convenient, innovative brand for your home or on the road. Their bowls, cups and boxes can be recognized by their well thought-out storage solutions, a functional and timeless look and a contemporary design. The Dutch Kitchen allrounder ensures that enjoyment at important moments in life becomes very easy. Knowing this, we decided to put it to the test.

From online workout classes to deliveries from your favorite store or restaurant, everything happens right at your doorstep. So that’s exactly where we had to be. We created the Me(p)al Delivery week, where we pampered our beloved press with a tasty lunch in the perfect Me(p)al container. We opted for a meal for two, so they could enjoy it with their partner or kids.

All ingredients were stored separately in Mepal Cirqula bowls in different sizes and colors. To transport it effortlessly, we packed every meal in a nordic green Mepal totebag. A seeding card (copy and design by M and A) with a sweet message, simple instructions and the right url and social media handles was added as a finishing touch. Once delivered, our satisfied contacts only had to take a plate to enjoy their meal. Afterwards they could simply put the empty bowls in the dishwasher, the leftovers in the fridge and get back to their daily routine.

General reactions? ‘Cool, I’m having the best lunch and at the same time, I can discover these products and experience the quality of the bowls!’ Because all Mepal containers were gifted, they could keep on discovering and enjoying all the benefits in the comfort of their home. A win-win for everybody!'

The launch was a big success. We made our network happy with a lovely meal during difficult times and we introduced the brand in a safely manner. The outcome? Mepal had a PR value of 346.793,20 within 4 months. Exactly what we aimed for.



Creative concept Me(p)al delivery, copy and graphics, selection key media and follow-up project by team MARNIX and ALLY.


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