10 years of Marnix and Ally. The road was long, interesting and above all adventurous. In the year leading up to our anniversary we started asking ourselves some questions. Does our current branding still represent who we are? Did it mature together with our vision? Or is it just time for something new? Since we always tell our own clients: “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”. It was about time for self-reflection. Let us walk you through the highlights, to show you why this rebranding is here to stay for the next decade.

The process

It’s safe to say that it didn’t happen overnight. What we basically needed? A rebranding that reflects our visually strong agency but that is also able to carry all our styles and all the styles of the brands that we work with. We needed to be fluid. We started with internal meetings and moodboards, we made lists with go’s and no go’s and so on. For those who know us, our research and briefing was loud and clear. At least, to us it was.

En route, we talked to different agencies but we felt strongly connected to Maister. Not only because they took plenty of time to analyse our needs, they challenged us too. They understood our needs, but dared to advise us why certain things we wanted weren’t ‘per se’ interesting for our rebranding. The biggest challenge was the visual logo. Were our triangles still relevant? Still part of our DNA? And why (not)?

The moment of truth

Flabbergasted and overwhelmed. There it was. The triangle changed but it was still there. For founder An-Katrien Dullers, who felt strongly about the former logo, it felt like coming home. There was change, but we were still recognizable. And the triangle now has multiple layers.

The triangle connects our three main values: authenticity, innovation and sustainability. And it’s fluid. It moves. Because our focus always moves around between these three topics.
And there’s more. Every M and A brand has its own triangle. The one brand focuses more on sustainability, the other one on innovation… So that changes the shape of the triangle. And the brilliance of it is that everyone’s triangle can also shift shapes according to their wishes or needs. The range of every angle is literally open to change and innovation. It’s an ever-changing thing.

Sidenote: the triangle is an ancient symbol for fire, passion and willpower. And that’s also part of our DNA. A wonderful extra.

And there is more…

Since we love working with symbols, observant souls might have noticed the + in our name too. That didn’t just ‘happen’ for the fun of it. The plus in marnix+ally stands for connection, quality, focus and positivity. As a PR and brand agency it’s our goal to make as many connections as possible. To connect communities, services, people, visions … Togetherness is strength.

The future looks bright

We are looking forward to the triangle becoming an essential part of our community and hoping that in the long run whenever people see a triangle popping up in their daily lives they might think of us.

In the meanwhile, it is just awesome when the triangle becomes our quality label, since it represents everything we want to stand for.

We hope you like our make-over.
And whenever you spot a triangle, you can always find a way to send it to us. We’ll keep every one of them close to us.

© Laurence Vander Elstraeten
© Freya De Vos
© Milana Stark
Rebranding concept by Maister