A little over a year ago, I decided to take the plunge and give PR and creative agency MARNIX and ALLY a call. I felt that this was meant to be my new adventure. This would be the place where I could finally be creative, develop the right PR skills and work with outstanding brands. Luckily my enthusiasm got me the job.

When I think about my first weeks at MARNIX and ALLY, my mind immediately shifts to the SS20 Press Days back in November. I can still recall how nervous I felt. Nervous but very enthusiastic! And very curious about what was to come. As I look back, I see those Press Days as the ‘start’ of something amazing. During this event, I met the most amazing creatives, made friends for life and realised how much I loved my clients. I ended up talking to so many people about my clients’ inspiration and creations that I couldn’t feel my tongue at the end of the day. It’s nice to recap, reminding me of who I was 365 days ago and what I’ve learned since.

When I started working at M and A, I was hired to be a junior PR-executive & Showroom manager. I arrived very eager to learn and with a whole lot of enthusiasm. And because of my background in journalism, there was a lot to be learned. Today, I’m proud to say that I’m managing both beauty, fashion, tech and accessory clients. I create and maintain the relationship between these brands and external media partners, and help build the brand or tell their story. I write content for my clients and maintain influencer relationships as well (my absolute favourite task). Maintaining our Showroom is also my responsibility. It’s my job to display all collections, style them in our HQ and keep stylists up-to-date about the available collections at MARNIX and ALLY.

After the first two months at M and A, I decided that I was born to be in PR. I love everything about it, especially the variety. It’s my ‘thing’. Making connections with inspiring people and constantly extending my network, creating wonderful things or campaigns for my favourite brands, or matching brands to the right people. A well deserved 'thank you’ to everyone that I worked with or met in this past year. You’ve all inspired me.

Cheers to a lovely year, and to the many more that will follow! 🥂