When creating a PR team, it’s important to make sure its members can handle their responsibilities while being prepared for anything that comes their way. However, bulletproofing a PR team is about more than just managing your team. It’s about the right person on the right spot. Enter Mirthe Vercammen. Mirthe started her journey at M and A about 6 months ago when she started researching different digital business angles for M and A via UCLL. We knew straight away that Mirthe was made for PR. She finished her intern program at M and A ‘cum laude’ and we asked her to stay. Mirthe pushes herself every day to be the best version of herself and has that learning attitude that is necessary to become an expert in the field. We look forward to additional conversations about sustainability, animals and astrology. Curious to find out more about Mirthe? Read on!

Hi Mirthe, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do at MARNIX and ALLY?

Hi! I’m so excited for this little interview. My name is Mirthe, I’m 23 years old and I live in a tiny village in Flemish Brabant called Betekom. I secretly lost my heart in Antwerp a few years ago and I plan on moving here in the future. I’m a Junior PR account at MARNIX and ALLY, the baby of the team *laughs*. My client portfolio consists out of lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands that I work for almost independently. I also offer support to other members of the team and their brands.

You started out as an intern at our office. Can you tell us a bit about your background and education and how they led you to MARNIX and ALLY?

I did and I loved every second of it! Ever since I was a child, I have been a people person. That’s why I wanted to study Communication Management with a specialization in Public Relations. After three years of theory, projects and another internship, my hunger for knowledge still wasn’t satisfied. I decided to get a bachelor-after-bachelor degree at UCLL in Digital Marketing and Communication. Over the past year, I’ve been taught skills by experts from within the field and have been able to broaden my interests and knowledge of the Digital Marketing scene. I was able to take a deep-dive into certain topics and build up more experience, also thanks to my internship at MARNIX and ALLY. It was my passion for PR combined with my sustainable lifestyle that led me to M and A. This was a match made in heaven.

What is it about our agency that drew you in?

I adore the complete M and A vibe. From the beautiful light-filled Berchem office to the clients with their innovative and sustainable mindsets and of course the loving and passionate team that helped me find my ‘place’ and second home. But as I already mentioned before, the sustainability and innovative aspect was essential for me. We live in a world where everything is changing and moving constantly: the climate, the consumer, digital innovation… To be able to work in a PR agency where brands do their very best to keep up with the latest trends in the most sustainable way possible is a real bliss. In short, I have really found the passion that my heart desires.

Could you describe yourself in five words?

A creative, animal loving and hard working empath with a passion for fashion.

What do you hope this year will have in store for you, both personally and professionally?

For this one I’ll quote myself from 5 months ago *laughs*, “I am hoping to leave the student life behind”. And look at me now! My first week as a Junior PR account is already over. This bright future is looking brighter by the day… On a professional level, I hope to strengthen my current skills, but also discover new skills that I didn't know about before. I also especially look forward to being inspired on a daily basis by the people around me, both colleagues, journalists and clients. On a personal level 'I go where the wind takes me' and I feel completely fine with that.

Do you have any hidden talents you’d like to share with us?

I can sense people's emotions incredibly well, which allows me to adapt to them rapidly. I don't know if that's really a hidden talent, but in PR people skills are essential and I think it's extremely important that the people around me feel good about themselves. Because remember: your life is only as good as your mindset.

Welcome to the team, Mirthe! We're happy to have you here.
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