The MARNIX and ALLY team is delighted to announce that a brand new member has joined its ranks. Meet Isabelle: a journalist turned PR enthousiast. She's a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert with a passion for design and a tendency to kick ass. Curious to find out more about Isabelle? Let’s go!

Hi Isabelle, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do at MARNIX and ALLY?

Hello, I’m Isabelle. Nice to meet you. I’m 30 years old, born and raised in Antwerp but moved to Ghent a couple of months ago. I’m a PR account at MARNIX and ALLY. I’ll be managing the relationship between my MARNIX and ALLY clients, who are mostly design brands, and external media partners and influencers.

Can you tell us about your background and education? How did these prepare you for your job at MARNIX and ALLY?

I studied sociology and journalism. After my internship at De Morgen Magazine, I started freelancing for them. I was able to work with amazing people, had great opportunities and of course learned a lot. But after 5 years I felt it was time to switch things up. I don’t know if it was the pandemic or turning 30 that got me thinking. I just felt an urgent need for a new challenge. I wanted to learn more, discover new skills, and use my experience ‘from the other side’ in helping brands with their story.

What is it about our agency that drew you in?

I know MARNIX & ALLY from when I started as a journalist and have been following the agency ever since. I was always impressed by the press releases. They are a joy to read and also visually pleasing. Over the years, I have read them all. Okay, not all, but most of them.

But most of all: the clients. MARNIX and ALLY has a clear vision of the brands they want to represent and these happen to be brands that get me very excited.

Could you describe yourself in five words?

Ambitious, go-getter, extroverted introvert, caring and very curious

What do you hope this year will have in store for you, both personally and professionally?

I want to know all the ins and outs of PR. I think I will learn a lot from my talented new colleagues. I also want to have a great relationship with my clients, kicking some ass to fulfill their needs.

Do you have any hidden talents you’d like to share with us?

Not really, maybe some talents are so hidden, that even I don’t know about them yet ;)

Welcome to the team, Isabelle! We're happy to have you here.
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