NEW CLIENT — Wright, contemporary womenswear crafted with quality

We’re very excited to welcome Wright. to the M and A family. Wright. is a Belgian womenswear label that blends time-honoured craft skills with a contemporary design aesthetic, which results in ready-to-wear pieces with impeccable cuts and made of the highest quality.

Wright is a Belgian label that presents feminine ready-to-wear looks that are both luxurious and accessible. The label puts timeless quality and conscious fashion first. That's why Wright exclusively showcases two collections every year within a slower approach, hoping to optimise the Wright experience by consciously constructing their range. What's more, all designs have been made to last beyond trends and seasons, and have therefore been crafted with exquisite materials.

It's Wright's mission to create contemporary, conscious, and classical looks. That's why all pieces have been conceived  in a 'dress up or dress down' approach, meaning the Wright design team gives each look a dimension that is both dressed and relaxed. Talking about a unique design process! Wright pieces are also carved in an idea of elegance and utter comfort, meaning that Wright thoughtfully produces all pieces and sees to it that they feel confident in fit and touch. All designs and fabrics, therefore, showcase the best quality and are tested on usability, functionality and durability in Wright's in-house ateliers.

Wright, which is an old word for 'craftsman', was created by a Belgian family active in textile manufacturing for three generations. Their design philosophy stands above age, encourages diversity and seeks to unite all women of the world. The label just launched its global webshop.

MARNIX and ALLY is happily overseeing all aspects of PR for Wright. The new SS21 collection will follow soon.

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