NEW CLIENT — SUITE702, delivering 100% sustainable Bed Peace

Introducing SUITE702 — a lifestyle brand created to accommodate the need for luxurious and qualitative bedding that doesn't break the bank and is not produced in a harmful manner. Through their selection of affordable sustainable luxury items, SUITE702 not only delivers 100% sustainable Bed Peace, but also has the power to turn every bedroom into a hotel suite.

SUITE702 was founded in 2018 by Shirley Muijrers and Olaf Arkauer. She is a textile designer and teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven, he is an advertising strategist who changed course and went back to college to become an entrepreneur. They derived their brand name from the famous Bed-in of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who during their honeymoon cried out for world peace.

"We can't promise you world peace overnight, but a good night sleep is a hell of a start."

The label's first collection consisted out of luxurious bed linen, but they have since broadened their scope with the bedMATE (a sturdy extra long pillow), the bigDOT (a round pillow, soft side table and 'candy' for the bed), a kid's collection and bath textiles. The label has strict quality standards and only works with GOTS certified manufacturers. Its extensive colour palette and the possibility to mix and match colours (e.g. duvet covers with pillow cases) is another distinctive feature of the brand.

MARNIX and ALLY is happily overseeing all aspects of PR & influencers for SUITE702.

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