New Client — SUCCESPLANNER, a Belgian planner and life coach on paper

Introducing SUCCESPLANNER —the most inspiring life coach (on paper) that will guide you through life. Entrepreneurs and partners in life Stephanie Hauben and Niki Thomassen are the proud founders of this outstanding Belgian planning tool. After years of immersing themselves in time management, self-development and personal growth, they experienced what they were missing: a goal-oriented, motivational planner. Insert SuccesPlanner, our new favorite paper planning tool, filled with great tips and convenient accessories to help you clear your head and guide the way.

Creative couple and parents of two young children, Stephanie Hauben and Niki Thomassen, designed this planner because they were convinced people can get more out of themselves and out of life. Theby learned that one hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing. That’s why SuccesPlanner will help you translate your dreams in a realistic roadmap by delivering clever insights in how you actually spend your time. By taking a thorough deep-dive into your goals and desires, you’ll slowly but surely be transforming them into new accomplishments. The result? You’ll be spending your valuable time on the things that matter the most, creating a more satisfying work-life balance.

Their new planners and accessories will launch soon, so follow us for more info. We’ll be their partner in strategy, PR and influencers, so we’ll be in touch. - @succesplanner - #succesplanner

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