NEW CLIENT — Schmidt's Naturals

Introducing the American brand Schmidt’s, a plant- and mineral- based personal care label that originated 10 years ago in the kitchen of founder Jaime Schmidt. The label prioritizes ingredients that are derived from nature, creating deodorants, soaps and toothpastes that are not only kind to nature, but are safe to use as well. Schmidt’s is now available on the Belgian market.

Do you like to make conscious choices? All Schmidt’s products are free from artificial fragrances and dyes, prioritizing botanicals and mineral-derived ingredients in stead. The company is committed to staying certified vegan and cruelty-free, and aims to make natural products the new standard for all, in stead of just the happy few.

The story behind Schmidt’s is quite the inspirational one. Founder Jaime Schmidt created a plant-based natural deodorant formula with her loved ones in mind. She started selling her product at biological markets in Portland, Oregon, and received at lot of praise for it. Enter Schmidt’s Naturals. Soon, the assortment expanded with 100% natural soap and toothpaste, making Schmidt’s a natural products empire. Jaime has since won several prestigious beauty awards and has a fanbase that contains quite the number of Hollywood celebrities.

MARNIX & ALLY is happy to oversee all aspects of PR and influencers for SCHMIDT'S.