New client — Organic Concept, creates iconic settings intertwined with nature

Unique, dreamy, sustainable and progressive... No wonder we, at MARNIX and ALLY, immediately clicked with Organic-Concept. This Belgian company offers an exceptional concept with eccentric tents and all else you need for an ultimate Outdoor Living experience. Reinventing the nomadic experience with the newly launched Organic Tent Houses? Creating your own backyard dream or host an exclusive (wedding) party in Organic-Concept’s signature style? They make it possible!

Organic-Concept was founded by Sébastien Meiresonne in 2008. Inspired by the rocky landscape in South-Africa he wanted to bring the pure sense of nature into everyones life. And so it happened: outdoor living became a hit. Ever since Organic-Concept has been a pioneer in covering outdoor spaces, specializing in design-engineering, supply and on-site assembly of Organic tented structures. Recently they started offering Organic Tent Houses too. To create the complete Organic-Concept signature look, they join forces with trusted furnishing and deco partners who share their style and vision.

MARNIX and ALLY is happily overseeing all aspects of PR for Organic-Concept. We have excited plans with this brand! So stay tuned for more information about this extraordinary new project.

Questions? Intrigued already?