Introducing the Belgian brand Nunchi that cherishes a life where comfort is key. Attracted by the art of creating effortless feminine designs, Isabelle Swaeb founded Nunchi in the Summer of 2018. Her salopettes are the excellent example of fashion in its purest form by opting for one single silhouette. Additionally, they are fun, stylish, and have the ability to make you feel instantly liberated.

Ever since its inception, the brand has a strong belief in the spirit of 'no waste' and holds a conscious impact in mind. What once began with the use of subtle yet outstanding colours has gradually evolved into the discovery of striking patterns and conspicuous colour combinations. By showing off quality pieces and holding profound preferences for handpicked fabrics, unique salopettes came to life in the heart of Antwerp.

MARNIX & ALLY is happy to oversee all aspects of PR for Nunchi.
New collection will be shown in the MARNIX and ALLY showroom.